It’s time to pack bags and set out on a solo trip

“When you are traveling with someone, you are only with that person but When you are traveling solo.. You are with everyone.”

Solo traveling is not easy for anyone. But when someone starts doing it, they get addicted. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, complete freedom and to shut the old life for a while.

So, if you have not done it before, it’s definitely worth a try. Am damn sure, it will add a whole new dimension to your life and your experiences.

# Decide your next destination: You can go wherever, whenever you want. There is no one interfering in your plans. If you like something and wants to enjoy more, then there is no one to stop you.

# Spend time with yourself: This is the most important thing which happens to you. You get ot know more and more better about yourself. And gives a break from the busy life.

# Meet new people: By traveling solo, you’ll likely meet many more people along the way than if you were traveling with a friend.

#. Do anything you want without being judged: No one is there is judge you. Do whatever you like and enjoy.

# Gain Confidence: You get a different perspective of life. Get to see the world with a different angle. You starts believing more and more on yourself.

Best Places For Solo Travel In India


Solo Travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others expectations – Suzy Strutner


Solo travel also allows you to not be enslaved by the whims and fancies of your fellow travellers, and your planning is largely unmarred by group dynamics. You get a sense of independence and freedom, from being out of your comfort zone while also getting cool stories to tell people back home! Here are some places you must explore if you’ve been bit by the little bug called wanderlust!

1. Sandhan Valley

solo Travelling

Referred to as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra, the Sandhan Valley is a trek of a lifetime for the thrill-seeker in you. It’s a combination of a valley with a canyon. Accessible from November to May, this water carved valley has Ratnagad and Ajoba mountain ranges around it. Going back to basics, it is the quintessential tent-pitching camp where food is cooked in campfires with the aroma filling the air around. The trek takes five hours to finish with activities like rappelling to really get your adrenaline pumping.
Getting There – Reaching here is half the fun with a train journey to Kasara and then a bus till the Samrad village where it’s located in the Bhandardara region. You can also fly to Mumbai and then go on with the train.

2. Zanskar

solo Travelling

The most isolated of all the Himalayan valleys, Zanskar is to be explored by those who want to experience untouched, pristine beauty in India. The frozen waterfalls and the Chadar trek along with the frozen Zanskar River is a must-do while visiting here. Buddhist monasteries are also worth the visit here. The best time to visit is April to August.
Getting There – This is a destination which you must cover on a road trip to Leh-Ladakh. A bus or on a motorbike is the best way to get here.

3. Lahaul-Spiti

solo Travelling

One of the most unexplored terrains in the country, Lahaul-Spiti is definitely a trip of a lifetime. Mountains and monasteries await you here. You can either make a long road-trip of these two places while passing Manali, Rothang Pass and Leh, these destinations can be visited individually also.
Getting There – This trip is strictly to be taken by road to actually experience what it is all about. Some of the highest motorable roads in the world exist here. Best time to visit from May to October.

4. Mahabalipuram

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A scenic drive from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a small temple-town. A major sea-port of the Pallava Kingdom, it is also a World Heritage Site. The architecture of the rock-cut temples is beautiful, which everyone goes to see. There are also local craftsmen who keep the art alive of carving idols out of a single stone.
Getting There – 2 hours away from Chennai by a car or bus, it’s a town that can be explored by foot or a bicycle.

5. Khajuraho

solo Travelling

Recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the temples of Khajuraho are truly a sight to behold. There can be slight reservations about Khajuraho due to the amount of heckling that goes on here but once you learn how to deal with the guides and vendors Khajuraho becomes one of the safest spots in the country to spend a quiet weekend.
Things to do: Lakshmana Temple, Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Old Village, Lakshmi Temple, Matangeshwar Mahadev Temple, Parshwanath Temple, Lord Mahavira Temple and Adinath Temple.

Sair kar duniya ki gafil Zindgani phir kahan..
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