Ever tried !! Find 10 dangerous sports

You are running in a field with a football beneath your feet. It is the finals of the World Cup. The time is hurrying as if it has to go for the last ride of its lifespan. More 50 seconds to go and the fate will be sealed. The crowd is shouting and shrieking loud enough to let the whole world hear it. But all you can hear is your thumping heartbeat and the adrenaline rush in your veins. There is just Do or Die.

As if this situation was not enough to bring back a lifeless person back to his senses, people have devised several extremely dangerous sports for a kick and put their life on the edge of the sword.

1.Ice climbing:

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If you are interested in some nail biting frozen sport, this might be for you. In this game, you have to climb the frozen parts of a waterfall or the mountain covered with ice. Chipping out ice to create footsteps is the main motive. Then climb along the ice with speed as to avoid numbness and fall down with a broken jaw.

2.Crocodile Bungee jumping:

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Talk about some wild creatures trailing you along with an additional weight of parachute hanging behind you. And holla! Here is the sport called crocodile bungee jumping. It entails catapulting out of the aircraft with a parachute and landing safely in a crocodile’s land, looking forward to devouring you.

3.High altitude climbing:

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Just have a peek into this- high altitude, gravitational pull at its epitome, freezing temperature and oxygen bidding farewell. Is it enough of its perils? Wait! No, there are more of it. While averting so many troubles, you have to pass along the corpses of other travelers who could not have their fate to see this world anymore. Any if want to back out experiencing all these, there is no helicopter accessible there which can pave your way back home.

4.Big wave surfing:

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Love for seas and high waves made them surfers. But to boast of extra talent possession, this sport has taken many lives. These surfers not only play with high tides more than 50ft but also some flesh friendly sharks hiding within the spurge of water. You miss a foot and are quite sure of getting devoured by the sharks. Else if you are so lucky to escape those, underneath rocks are awaiting you to smash your head.

5.Free solo climbing:

solo mountain climbing www.gochillpill.com dangerous sports

Forget about all the modern equipment entailing you for your adventurous venture. This sport is all about climbing a cliff or rock without any safety ropes or harnesses. Imagine yourself as a caveman struggling to reach the top with toe and fingertips. Beware to bat an eye down below and you might slip down with a broken rib.

6.Volcano surfing:

volcano surfing www.gochillpill.com

Throw yourself into an active volcano. Sorry but I am not talking about suicide but a sport that can leave your mind in ashes. It is all about climbing up a volcano and surfing down the slope with a wooden or metallic plank. With the temperature taking a toll on your body and to add upon some boulders and sharp volcano rocks in your path, you have to surf all the way down.

7.Bull running:

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Running on the race track for breaking the thread ahead of others and rejoicing your win with aplomb, this sport is more or less like this except for the fact that enraged bulls will be running after you to crush your ribs. It is not a play for the frail heart or the puny ones. Only one rule is heard-Run. Bull running is a famous sport in Spain which has left countless injured on the trail and few thriving over these beastly creatures.

8.Cave diving:

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Think of a dream where you are chased by some unknown evil. You are trying to run out of that place and catch a breath where darkness prevails along the tunnel with seeming no end. This sport is almost same except the fact that it is a pure reality. And add some pinch of rocks and ticking amount of oxygen and wild animals to play with. It has the credit of taking many experienced lives as of diving experts and instructors. May god bestow some sense in those are eager to walk down the aisle for a mere thrill.


heli skiing www.gochillpill.com dangerous sports

Some people just can’t accept the limits drawn by nature. To grab the enticing view along with discovering the intriguing facet of snow capped mountains, this dangerous sport entails in jumping from a helicopter onto the slope of inaccessible mountains and ski till the bottom. During this ticking journey, avalanche and steep slopes are at hand to join the elite club of troubles.

10.Base jumping:

Base jumping www.gochillpill.com dangerous sports

In this game, no need to keep tracks of goals or the fastest to reach the thread. All you need is come back alive. Base jumping means hurl yourself from base objects like buildings, top of the tower, etc with the life support of a mere hand driven parachute. Mostly alike like skydiving except for the fact that reaction time is in milliseconds. The parachute dumps you and you never gonna see this world again.